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Introduction to CCIIP

Time:2018-05-08 Author:CCIIP Source:CCIIP

China Council for International InvestmentPromotion (CCIIP) is a national investment promotion agency approved by theState Council, registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs and formally foundedon July 25, 2006. CCIIP is a non-profit social organization with theindependent legal personality.

CCIIP is composed of investment promotionagencies across the nation, business promotion departments of variousdevelopment zones, enterprises, financial and investment institutions,professional service providers, public institutions and social groups, researchinstitutions, experts and scholars.

The missions and responsibilities of CCIIPinclude: to implement the national investment promotion strategies of ”°bringingin”± and ”°going global”± ; to establish a national platform and professionalmechanisms for investment promotion, multilateral and bilateral cooperation mechanismsand partnership with relevant international organizations; to organize businessmissions and events to promote the investment,

trade and other economic cooperationbetween China and other countries and regions; to promote the implementation ofthe Belt and Road Initiative; to facilitate trade and investment cooperationbetween the mainland and the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong andMacao and between the mainland and Taiwan; to analyze new trends and patternsof global cross-border investment, study investment policies and laws in othercountries and regions, conduct research on investment environment in China,compile reports, publish information, establish databases, publicizediversified investment promotion products and hold all sorts of investmentpromotion activities; to provide efficient service and practical solutions forforeign enterprises investing in China, Chinese enterprises investing overseas,Chinese and foreign enterprises jointly investing in the third countries andinvestment cooperation between the eastern, central and western China; to offercoordination, consultancy, information and training to its members; to provideassessment report and improvement plans on investment

environment, market research, professionaltraining, project evaluation and advancement, and the organization ofinvestment promotion activities for all-level governments, industrial parks,enterprises and other business institutions; to represent its members and otherenterprises in reporting their problems in doing business to the governmentauthorities, and submit their proposals to improve investment environment; tofulfill its social responsibility, defend the legal and legitimate interests ofits members, and to accomplish the tasks entrusted by the governments and otheragenda related to

its missions.

At present, CCIIP has set up subsidiarybranches including the Working Committee of Investment Promotion Agencies, theChina-Brazil Business Council, the China-Chile Business Council, ChinaSourcingWorking Committee, Investment and Financing Committee, Electronic CommerceWorking Committee, Ecological Agriculture and Husbandry Investment Committee,Internet Customer Center Consortium, Poverty

Alleviation and Development Committee,Smart Health Industry Alliance and liaison offices in Guangdong, Xinjiang,Northeast China and Shanghai. CCIIP has over 300 members.